Notice of extraordinary general meeting of Bridgnorth Cycling Club

  1. Notice of extraordinary general meeting (click to view pdf version)

Notice is given that the committee has decided that an extraordinary general meeting of the above named club will be held on 30th November 2020 at 7.30pm. Due to COVID19 restrictions it is not possible for a place to be fixed for members to meet in person and the committee will make arrangements for the widest possible participation in debate and voting on the two proposals before the meeting.

2. Business to be transacted

2.1 To confirm the alternative arrangements for an extraordinary general meeting due to COVID19 restrictions;

2.2 To consider and, if approved, to pass the following resolution moved by the committee:
a. That Bridgnorth Cycling Club and Cycle Club Bridgnorth merge to form a new cycling club;

b. That the new cycle club formed by that merger be registered with British Cycling with the name “Bridgnorth Cycling Club”;

c. That the constitution of the new club shall be the model constitution for cycling clubs recommended by British Cycling

d. That the kit of the new cycling club formed by that merger be the Red, White and Green kit of Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG with amendment to the “badge” currently on the front, left upper quarter of that jersey and that kit shall be registered with British Cycling as the official kit of the new club;

e. The membership fee structure of the new club shall be the current fee structure of Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG; and

f. That the current committees of Bridgnorth Cycling Club and Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG merge to manage the affairs of the new club for the next six months when, COVID19 restrictions allowing, there will be an AGM of the new club and all committee roles will be open for nomination/election.

i. It is unfortunate that COVID19 arrangements make it impossible to call a meeting at a specified place. Such restrictions are likely to make that impossible for the foreseeable future. In the circumstances, the committee will do all that it reasonably can to ensure the widest possible debate of the proposal amongst the membership and that everyone has the opportunity to vote. The purpose of the proposal at paragraph 2.1 is to authorise those alternative arrangements.

ii. The proposal at paragraph 2.2 a-f is a “complete proposal” upon which there is to be one vote.

iii. A proposal in the same terms as that at paragraph 2.2 will go before the members of both Bridgnorth Cycling Club and Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG on the same day.

iv. The proposal at paragraph 2.2 arises as a result of several meetings between the committees of Bridgnorth Cycling Club and Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG which were originally convened in order to see whether the two clubs could work together in order to best serve the interests of cyclists in the Bridgnorth area. It became apparent that whilst each club had particular strengths in certain areas and some weaknesses in other areas, those strengths and weaknesses complimented each other to a large extent.

v. Space forbids a full analysis of those strengths and weaknesses here but, and it is acknowledged to be an oversimplification but Bridgnorth Cycling Club has an extremely strong “off road” section with considerable experience in arranging and leading rides on local trails and in organising off road competition. Cycle Club Bridgnorth RWG has an extremely strong road section with a large number of members taking part in competitive racing, organising racing, and organising fast club rides. Both clubs have members that ride, to different extents, both on road and off road.

vi. Both clubs have problems, on occasions “matching” some riders to suitable riding groups with the result that some members become disenchanted with membership and overall growth and opportunities to increase participation in the sport are lost.

vii. Different levels of cooperation between the two clubs were discussed, but there was concern on both sides that any model of cooperation would lead to unhealthy competition for new members which could lead to self-defeating antagonism causing an eventual breakdown of the cooperation.

viii. That concern gave rise to a consideration of the merger of the two clubs. It is right and fair to say that both committees had initial concerns about the proposal. Both were concerned that each club had a strong identity which they did not want to sacrifice in a merger of the clubs, however, the detailed discussions that took place led to the unanimous view of both committees that we were ultimately going to be better together:

a) The new club will have a membership of around 130 riders;
b) A bigger pool of riders allows more groups of matched individuals, increasing participation and participation;
c) A larger membership gives the new club a louder voice in local affairs in so far as they concern cycling;
d) A bigger presence gives greater exposure to sponsors and has the potential to increase sponsorship that can be ploughed back into the sport;
e) There will be more and better opportunities for training at every level;
f) A bigger membership increases the number of people who are prepared to participate in organising events decreasing the burden on individuals; and
g) One club has lower costs (in terms of affiliation fees etc) than two clubs.

Addendum to notice of EGM
This addendum sets out the arrangements that the committee have arranged to allow for the widest possible debate amongst members on the proposals and an opportunity to vote.

  1. The notice of the EGM will be posted on the club’s website, Facebook page and email
  2. An open Zoom meeting will be set up at 7.30pm on 30th November 2020. A weblink to the Zoom meeting will be posted on the club’s Facebook members forum.
  3. Members will be able to vote via the Facebook member forum or email to any committee member.
  4. Votes will be counted on 1st December 2020 at mid-day.

No vote cast after midnight on 30th November 2020 will be counted. Arrangements will be made to check that no member votes more than once.

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