Environmental Statement

Whilst we as cyclists do not emit oil produced gases that both diesel and petrol cars do, we do have a responsibility to the environment.

Living and riding in one of the most beautiful counties in the UK we should be responsible for what we leave on the roadsides, lanes and trails we ride.

An example of what has occurred in the past was on the 2015 Ride London, – 96 gel wrappers were found in a 600m stretch of Richmond Park.

We don’t encounter too many feed zones on our club rides, therefore no waste zones, thus for our club rides and outings, if you are having a gel, energy bar or a bottle make sure that wrapper goes back into your jersey pocket until you can bin it at the coffee stop or at home and take your bottle home to reuse it.

As a responsible club we must adopt this approach as the norm, not the exception.

If its good enough for the Sky team to campaign against single use plastic, surely its good enough for Bridgnorth’s leading cycle club?


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